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The matters needing attention in the use of hydraulic power unit
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Hydraulic power unit using the points for attention in hydraulic power unit failure, damage etc. Most due to pollution, the lack of maintenance and improper selection of the oil liquid. To ensure the hydraulic power unit is in good performance status, and director of its life, it is reasonable use of it, and the importance of daily inspection and maintenance of the.
Remind the matters needing attention in hydraulic power unit in the use of customers are as follows:
1, low temperature, oil temperature should reach 20 degrees above to permit sequential action; oil temperature higher than 60 DEG C should be paid attention to when the working condition of the hydraulic unit.
2, down more than 4H equipment, should make the hydraulic pump no-load running 5min, and then start the actuator.
3, not to any interlock adjusting electric control device system, free to move the limit switch, block, a travel block position.
4, the various hydraulic components, auxiliary parts without the approval of the administrative department, are not allowed to tamper with, shall notify the relevant departments to analyze the causes and elimination. In addition to the above points, should be done on the type of hydraulic parts spare parts and hydraulic oil management work in accordance with the relevant provisions.
Note that put forward above, to organize the user intentions, or hydraulic power unit will appear some unnecessary damage during use, users and manufacturers with the maintenance of!

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