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bauma China 2014:Opening soon
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Bauma China 2014 (Shanghai BMW exhibition), namely the seventh China international construction machinery, building materials machinery, construction vehicles and Equipment Expo will be held in 2014 November 25-28 day in Shanghai New International Expo Center heavy staged. Biennial exhibition of Shanghai BMW bearing numerous mechanical engineering professionals and enthusiasts look, then 300000 square meters large exhibition space will bring together more than 40 countries around the world more than 3000 exhibitors, displaying tens of thousands of new products and equipment, the expected audience of over 190000 people.
2014 construction machinery industry development of tepid, 1-9 month, engineering machinery industry total product yield in addition to compaction machinery, other products output growth have varying degrees of decline. Nevertheless, China engineering machinery market still has great development potential, "1025" during the construction of the completion of 42 integrated transport hub construction, development and Reform Commission approval of billions of investment in the railway, 1 ultra trillion yuan shantytowns renovation project, "national model town planning (2014-2020)" will bring the speed of the city infrastructure construction, pulling the overall demand on construction machinery. Recently China engineering machinery industry association secretary general Su Zimeng talked about: "although the industry is very difficult to restore to before 2011's high level of growth, but change radically phenomenon rarely occur, the state of steady growth, trimming, directional allocation policies stimulating will gradually, the industry as a whole situation will be better, will show a steady trend of the sustainable development". At the same time, the Soviet Union secretary general is expected in 2015 sales revenue of the whole industry will grow by 7%.
Experience and common development with the industry for twelve years, after more and more Chinese construction machinery on the international stage, two years Bauma China again in 2014 blockbuster debut, will bring a gluttonous feast of construction machinery industry in asia. In the face of pain during the period of industry transformation, calm thinking about the future development of China's Construction Machinery Road started the whole industry. Under this background, the exhibitors will pay more attention to its fist product of future display, at the same time as China's modular construction vigorously promote products and high altitude platform hoisting machinery in the current exhibition popularity. At the same time, the future of China Construction machinery will really open road of industrial upgrading, the core parts and the whole machine will be more customers experience the practical application from starting to constantly update. The scene each enterprise will launch their new products for the market assessment, then 300000 square meters of exhibition space will give customers came to the scene of a surprise, plum flower, believe the more cold more can out the beautiful flowers. The heart can be heading the future into the.
Bauma China carrying a new responsibility. Highlight the will to science and technology to build a cornerstone of wisdom, in the Chinese market to show the world the Chinese customer experience according to the developed product. Taking Bauma China as the origin, from here to the world. Bauma China 2014: "made in China, the ingenuity of regression".


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